Education and training becoming a Product Owner

Basic training as a product owner

The role of product owner is the most demanding in the Scrum framework. He is, so to speak, the Superman who …

  • has a product vision or develops it,
  • knows the potential target markets,
  • works with the stakeholders and weighs and takes into account their wishes and interests,
  • collects, prioritizes and formulates product backlog items (PBI),
  • can say no
  • understands enough about the product to prioritize the product backlog,
  • accepts and releases functionality implemented by the team.

Training and courses

A basic Scrum training course is sufficient for basic training as a product owner. Training with a practical component has the advantage of trying out what you have learned. There are plenty of offers for basic courses on Scrum in software development, e.g. via the or the Scrum Alliance. The two-day basic Scrum/P4 training offered by hardScrum addresses both, theory and practice of the system and the physical product development and also provides an overview of the scaling Scrum to multiple teams and to the organizational level.


If you want an “official” certification of one of the two Scrum organizations, you can carry out an online certification for Professional Scrum Product Owner 1 (PSPO-I) online at You don’t have to have attended a course, but it is recommended. Certification currently costs US$ 150. More about this here. This certification has no expiry date.

Certification via the Scrum Alliance can only be carried out in conjunction with an official course. It expires after two years and has to be refreshed by paying a fee.

Our certification as a P4 practitioner has been achieved by attending the course. PSPO certification at is recommended for prospective product owners.

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