2020! It’s time to overcome old paradigms and practices

Old paradigms & practices

It’s amazing how long outdated practices persist in our beliefs and our organizations. I can only speculate about the reasons for this: Perhaps because they are relatively simple and because they work quite well in the short term.

Interestingly, the limitations of all these practices have been refuted early. Which are these in detail:

New paradigms & practices

As we have seen, the old practices were disproved pretty early. Nevertheless, they  persist to this day. Now what are the new practices:

The problem with the new practices is that they are not easily accessible. They have to be understood and usually even “felt” before you really understand them. In addition, time and effort have to be invested before the first fruits can be harvested. But after that, things work much better and smoother and more pleasant for everyone.

2020! A new decade has started. So why not start with good intentions about new paradigms and practices?

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